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Videofabrique produces sustainable videos

Making a video is like eating a hamburger. Everyone can do it, but usually it doesn’t look that good. A good video production tells in a fun way in a few minutes what your company is doing and it ensures that the viewer feels connected to your story, your people and your brand.
Our team of professionals will tastefully display your brand. Combined we have more than 50 years of experience in the development of sustainable video content. That is why we, like no other, know how to translate your story into an appealing video that works.
Do you want to know more about what video production can do for your organization? Then we would like to introduce you to one of our specialists.

Step 1 The Brainstorm

You are confident that the video production is in good hands with us. Beautiful! You have submitted your questions to us and you have provided an insight into the budget.
Then we start with a joint brainstorm. What story do we want to tell, which form fits your organization or brand and which style do we use when approaching your target group?

Stap 2 The Concept

From the concept that we came up with after the brainstorming, we will start writing the script. We package style, message and purpose in a clear and workable scenario. If it is a complex production, we will draw a storyboard to show how the different scenes will actually look like.
Next, we get started with planning the shooting day(s). Make appointments with locations, book experts and/or actors and extras.

Step 3 Shooting day(s)

The shooting day has come! Our team have carefully prepared our professional equipment and will arrive at the agreed time and place to film what we have planned and worked out. Depending on the production, a director, production assistant, sound engineer, light man, set dresser and make-up artist may also come along. But usually the crew consists of a cameraman, director and production assistant.

Step 4 Postproduction

Post-production or post-processing. All footage is ingested into  one of our edit sets and the editing can begin. We carefully select the best footage and turn them into a powerful film.
You will now see a first draft of the montage on which you can give feedback.
Next we will process this feedback in our second draft to wich we will also add graphics  such as titles and logos. When approved we will enhance the colors and the sounddesign and processing will be handled by our best friends and colleagues at De Audiofabrique.


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