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About us

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Videofabrique is a no-nonsense company that revolves around a flexible team of hard-working professionals. Our creatives, camera operators, producers, marketeers, designers and editors work every day on producing content, tough, beautiful but above all successful video content. Combined we have been making quality video productions for more than fifty years.
Our experience is rooted in the fields of journalism, communication and marketing. By combining these expertise, we know how to tell remarkable stories with video. We work for branded content agencies, media agencies, PR agencies, advertising agencies, communications agencies, brands, companies and (non-profit) organizations.
Quality does not have to last long. We know what we do and  work quickly and flexibly. Our team is is strong in creating creative content. We dive into your target audience, so  we know exactly how we can best convey your message. Videofabrique the one-stop-shop for all your video content. From creation to production and marketing.


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